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Jan 2023 - Present

Project type

Projection Mapping Based Instillation


Davinci Resolve 18

My project builds upon the ongoing exploration of the concept of how one may perceive and understands their proximity to their cultural identity. Engaging in this conversation can be further understood as an effort to visualize a skewed and fractured perspective of one’s identity, which is manifested as an abstraction of a face. The project takes the form of a projection mapping-based installation, which incorporates multimedia elements, such as images and videos.

My work serves as an attempt to address individuals of cultural diaspora, which can be defined as communities that maintain a culture different from their residing countries and often strive to retain strong ties to their culture and country of origin. As a second-generation immigrant and Asian-American, my personal experiences of cultural diaspora have become more evident throughout my life as I have experienced the growing distance between me and my heritage. With this being said, the installation prompts the viewer to engage with their own sense of identity and belonging. Through the lens of technology, this installation reflects my efforts to merge these distant spheres that comprise my cultural identity in an attempt to find a sense of comfort throughout this journey.

Concept Design

The beginning stages initially centralized a computer-based interactive installation, in which a camera records a video or feedback a live streams capturing specific facial features of the viewer. Certain features are projected onto a canvas and arranged in a distorted manner to construct an obscured image of an individual’s face. It could be seen as a collage of different images and videos to compose a skewed perspective of one’s “identity”.

Midterm Progress

  • Removed user interaction and live footage, making the work more of a personal portrait. Using found footage at the moment, and plan on eventually filming more curated videos.

  • Learned how to use projection mapping program called MadMapper. Constructed some trial runs and mock set up using paper poster boards and foam core. Learned how to mask and create timed transitions and rotations within the program.

  • Experimented with the composition and arrangement of the videos. 

Final Progress

  • Adjusted my initial approach towards the construction of the composition. Began to simplify elements and shifted the focus more towards the abstraction and obscuring of the face in an attempt to convey the concept more clearly.

  • The collage of two or more videos quickly becomes visually confusing and chaotic. Will further explore once being able to film desired footage.

  • Experimented different electronic motors for the rotation mechanism. Currently dealing with issues of inefficient power sources and figuring out how to mount on the walls. Might continue to work with larger motors that can sustain the weight of canvas and run long term.

  • Questioning if I want to continue with the original design proposal concerning the rotating elements.